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Moore’s work explores our ever changing relationship with technology, what it means to be human, and questions concerning the current technological landscape we find ourselves in. Transcending, creating new mental and spiritual paradigms and questioning the machines we use in relation to the human body. In his work there is a strong underlying desire to connect to a higher power, and to be in the presence of a higher technology. He creates abstractions that conceptually set up forums for this connection, and illuminate the question he feels technology in our era begs to asks in contrast: how does free will and choice influence the ever-changing relationships between technology nature and humanity, the technocracy of our current construct, the effects of capitalism, and the weaponization of technology? His work serves to create a bridge to help us understand the dualistic reality we live in, between what we know as the natural self and how technology is shaping ourselves into new beings. By combining imagery from nature, technology, science and spirituality, Moore aims to to help illuminate the power that resides in people, and raise questions that will help others ascend to higher versions of themselves by visually unlocking mental and spiritual gateways with his art, empowering others, incorporating circuit patterns with the human body, grids and fractalized lines of matrix patterns that glow like veins of a breathing ghost in the machine, a spirit inside the internet that that is part of the life-force that connects all consciousness.

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James Moore